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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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in the news, menlo park police investigate a drive-by shooting that send four people to the hospital. and police are searching for a man who assault add female student on campus. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. hope you are off to a good start on this saturday. let's start with a quick look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, terry. good morning, everyone. it's cool out there. temperatures in the 40s and 50s right here downtown. but as you head on out you may notice a few high clouds and a few areas of fog. this is the roof camera. by this afternoon, though, it will be a warmer day. in fact, we are looking at temperatures today to warm into the mid-70s. 68 today downtown. if you like that, we are going to do it all again tomorrow. overnight tonight just a little bit in the way of patchy, low clouds and fog. in fact, we are looking at rapid
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warmup, not only today. record heat, perhaps, monday, including election day and then we are going in the opposite direction after that. i will explain more in detail coming up. terry. >> thanks very much. san francisco police are investigating a fatal shooting in the bayview district. a man wags found shot to death on mendel street and third street after 10:00 last night. no suspect information has been released. that investigation continues. president obama is gathering his top aids this morning for a briefing on hurricane sandy's recovery effort. they will hold a conference call with state and local lead speakers visit storm-damaged areas throughout the region to get a review of the response and make sure resources are being provided. the grim news, the bodies of 102 people have been found so far, many by national guard troops going door to door on staten island in new york. gag rationing starts today in face of fuel shortages. people with license plates ending in odd numbers or letters can fill up on odd days, those
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with even numbered plates fill up on even days. to help, they signed a waiver to allow foreign ships to deliver gas to northeast ports. they are also easing restrictions on what kind of gas can be burned. northern california are sending teams to help with the storm. a second pg&e team is on the way to help restore power. coast guard teams from novato and alameda have been sent and they will help with the removal of hazardous waste. >> michael bloomberg reversed himself today and cancelled the new york marathon. we talked to bay area runners who are among 47,000 others already in place for the word's largest marathon. >> this would have been the ninth marathon andy mitchell participated in and would have been her financial race but she cancelled cancelled her plans after she saw what they were
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dealing with. >> i didn't think it was right to pull resources to help runners when there were people missing, no water, no power, no food, no heat. it didn't seem right at all. >> she, along with half a dozen other runners in san francisco, trained for months to run the marathon. some made the trip. kim checked in. >> we picked up our race number here and, you know, some merchandise as well. >> donald cutler also made the trip. he spoke to us by skype. >> i was extremely conflicted about running this race. but as long as it was on, i thought it was safe. >> mayor bloomberg said the race was still on but criticism continued to mount, especially over all the resources it was pulling, including food and generators, that could have been used in other parts of the city. the mayor relented and suddenly cancelled the race. >> i'm a lot upset with the leadership of the city, with the mayor, with mary wittenberg, the ceo of road runners. i think it was a gigantic mistake to keep it going as long
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as they did. >> with much of new york still in at that timers, all the runners i talked to agree that canling the race was the right decision and while in town they hope to volunteer their time. >> i'm hoping by sunday to be able to pitch in on staten island because that's where the worst damage is and where they can use a pair of hands and a shovel. >> most san francisco runners i talked to who are in new york said there are a number of websites and facebook posts listing volunteer opportunities across the city. one of them suggested that marathon runners might be the perfect volunteers to deliver supplies to people to deliver to supplies to people who live in high-rises with elevators not working. >> you can help by shopping at bay area farmers market. the market association is setting up donation box for cash or checks. the farmers market near you. many of them around the area.
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the boxes will be located at information booths now through november 18th. disney and abc are making monday a day of giving to victims of sandy. disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross and you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10.00 to the relief efforts. you can also donate to the red crosby calling 1-800-help now or by going job line to red a warning on the stanford campus this morning. someone is attacking women, someone with a female accomplice. it happened this week on campus drive. we have the story. >> stanford police are on alert and they want students to be, as well. this, after a female student was assaulted on campus. it happened tuesday night around 10:30 as the woman ran along campus drive near stock farm. the jogger said she was grabbed by an unknown man.
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she was able to get free and get help from a motorist. the grabbed student was jogging the same path. she received an e-mail the school sent out about the assault but admits she really didn't think about it before starting her jog. >> that stuff does happen. that's the reality of being a woman out at night but you still live your life so i still go running and just try to be really aware of my surroundings and run only where it's pretty well lit all the way down here and try to stay safe, yeah. >> police don't have much to go on in the most recent attack. the man who grabbed the jogger was wearing dark clothing with a hoodie over his head, and he wasn't alone. he was with a woman, a blonde, who was walking a bike. >> stanford police are urging students to call them if they see anything suspicious. a 23-year-old transient from san rafael is in the marin county jail this morning on suspicion of kicking, dragging and swinging a puppy from a leash on the golden gate bridge.
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this is a picture of the man after an attempted robbery last year. fs arrested last night after kick and dragging the puppy. he was charged with felony cruelty to an an ma'am. puppy is in the animal shelter in guarded condition. at san francisco bay a barge filled with rocks broke lose and the coast guard was concerned it would crash into the richmond-san rafael bridge. the barge went adrift about 8:30. two tug boats intercepted the barge and took it back to its mohring. san francisco police arrest add man for beating a muni agent. the october 10th incident was caught on surveillance video. a tipster led police to riley on the san francisco college. the victim suffered serious injuries and has not returned to work. belmont police want to speak to the driver after mercedes that hit a woman in a wheelchair thursday night while turning into a mcdonald's.
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the 48-year-old woman said her wheelchair was damaged and she was slightly injured in the accident. woman driver asked if she was okay and told her shield be back after park the car but she never returned and belmont police are investigating. >> we are hoping it was an honest mistake on the part of the driver and that they will contact us because we are going to continue to investigate us and right now it is in a hit-and-run involving injury. anyone who might have witnessed the incident about 8:45 thursday night is asked to contact belmont police. a school district has issued a statement sag it did not mean to cause further distress to a sexually abused former student. a press report said christian was 14 years old at the time may be partially responsible for the abuse. yesterday the district superintendent said she's suing the district for millions and, quote, the district has ennoble agation not to waive any potential legal lines of defense. the district said the potential defense may be abandoned as that case moves forward. up next, pay ago stranger
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delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> a drive-by shooting in menlo park left four people wounded and one in critical condition in morning. they were taken to the hospital. here's kera with more. >> that's right, terry. good morning. four gunshot victims remain in the hospital here in morning, in addition to the one you mentioned in critical condition, one is in serious condition. we have video from the scene last night.
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police received reports of gunshots just after 8:00 at ivy drive. video from the scene shows crime scene tape blocking off the area, in addition to shell casings collected aft people were shot. there is no known motive for the drive by. >> we do have shootings here, and we do have gaining activity in this area, but we don't know if that's connected at this time. >> the victims were having a get together in the front of the house. they were just hanging out when the shooting occurred. >> police are looking for a black honda and black acura. both were seen driving away from the scene of the shooting. live at stanford hospital, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. a little-no one form of therapy is gaining attention from its portrayal in a new film called "the sessions."
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it involves the use of surrogate partners to help patients resolve sexual issues. we have the details. >> kari is a 43-year-old single professional who said she's gone through a profound change. while she doesn't want her real name used, she's gives the credit to a professional sex surrogate. >> it isn't that i got my life back, it is that i got a life. >> she said her fear of intimacy stems from abuse as a child. she went through therapy which helped to a point. >> i just knew i needed something hands on. >> she was very scared. very, very scared of human connection. >> this man became her partner. >> can you teach somebody to swim by talk therapy or with talking? can we teach somebody to ride a bike just telling them the story of how to ride a bike? no. the answer is no. >> sex surrogates have been
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around for decades. they point to the use of surrogate partners by clinical researchers masters and johnson back in the 1950s but interest in practice has increased dramatically following the release of a bay area documentary and now a feature-length film. both feature the relationship between a couple. >> the aim is for us to have sex but i'm not a prostitute. >> i hope the movie does this. i hope it helps people understand. >> we found a dozen therapists in the bay area that recommend surrogates as part of the treatment plan. but others believe the practice, while potentially beneficial, is also fraught with ethical challenges, like the danger of emotional attachment. >> it's hard enough as a therapist to create the container that, yeah, it's a special relationship but there are clear boundaries what the rims of that is.
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>> they worked with the head of the enter surrogates based in bay area. they worked together for about two weeks. much of the time was spent talking and doing simple trust-building exercises like holding hands until she finally made the breakthrough. >> i leaped off the cliff and i said aim going do everything that i want to do to know that i am a fully-functioning woman. >> she said she's sharing her story to help other people who might be in the same position. >> and just being able to receive the love and compassion and affection and it's a great way to live. >> carolyn checked with the california board of psychology and they told her their policy is to investigate practices only if there is a complaint. to date they have no investigations on record related to surrogate partners. anger over san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi keeping his job is filling over into an election campaign.
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his neighbor is the one who talked to his wife, lopez, after a domestic dispute. now on a video released on youtube yesterday madison is targeting the person who chose to keep the sheriff in office. >> i live in district 5, next door to a convicted batterer, who is also our sheriff because she believes it's okay to abuse your wife and still run a major law enforcement agency. >> she issued a is statement that reads in part: >> in business news, those facebook stocks are finally paying off. chief operating officer cheryl sandberg made $7.4 million by selling about 353,000 shares of facebook. restrictions on insider trading expired this week, meaning 230 million shares of facebook became eligibility to trade.
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another 770 million shares are eligible later this month. it is trading at about $21 a share. zuckerberg has not sold any of his shares. >> new this morning, sports insurer men know the significance of the first saturday in november. recreational crab season is now underway. it officially started at midnight. it brings out lots of fishermen who get a twelve day jump on the commercial crabbers. their season doesn't open until november 15th. the competition to catch the crabs is fierce. the majority caught in the first six weeks of the season. it occurs in the waters off the bay. they are limit today six to ten crabs a catch and we are told this year they can expect to find an abundance of delicious dungeonness crabs. you would be out there cracking but you have to gig too. >> right. i can get out there later. hopefully we will see a lot of nice weather headed our way
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today, tomorrow. the warmup begins today. you know the official sunrise 7:38 today and 6:39 tomorrow so we've got an end to a standard time. it changes to standard time that's correct is. we will talk about that, the forecast and rain and warmth. that's all ahead. >> also next the warriors home opener turns into two losses. the game was one thing, even worse brandon rush suffers a knee in [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat...
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[ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> 5:20 the time on this saturday morning. you are looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. crystal clear when i came over about 3:15 this morning. the moon was out. the city looking fantastic. we've got a nice day on the way but i also heard lisa argen say that rain was here again. i guess we are done for a little while. >> kind of the opposite. the warmup and then the rain. the warmup not lasting too long. >> not long enough.
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>> not long enough but it will be quickly replaced by cooler and wetter weather. we will get to that in a moment. right now, you are right, mostly clear conditions throughout. as we head outside it is a pretty start to the day with the higher clouds moving in. a weak front pushing through the bay area. we talk about the change back toward standard time. don't forget to fall back tonight. we will be looking -- feeling the extra hour of sleep. the live doppler hd, plenty of clouds around this morning in the higher levels of the atmosphere. but the low clouds absent for the most part. so overall you won't be running into too much fog out there. in fact, our sweep on top of mount saint helena quiet right any. that will be changing probably on thursday after this big ridge of high pressure could bring us some record warmth around the bay. 52 right now in oakland. it's cooler in livermore at 47. and it's warmer up in napa in the 50s there. 51. 46 half moon bay. good morning, loss got toss, 47
5:22 am
for you and 49 in san jose. high clouds and patchy fog this morning. just a little bit out there. otherwise the warming friend getting underway throughout the day today. continuing tomorrow and record heat expected monday, into election day. we are talking about 80snd the bay. that would bring us up around 15 degrees above the average. here the satellite radar composite. you notice the higher clouds right now. this front is going stay to the north of us because we've got high pressure in control. that is acting as a blocker. the current system falls apart and then once this ridge, this area of high pressure builds in today, it will set up warmer temperatures for today and tomorrow. but the records are likely to come in on monday and tuesday. so pretty comfortable in the next couple of days with 60s and 70s. but then we are going up from there. so today 68 downtown, 72 in oakland. look for more lower 70s and pretty comfortable day here up in the north bay with 74 santa
5:23 am
rosa, 73 napa. our inland east bay mid-70s for livermore, 72 palo alto. down by the monterey bay we are looking at mid-60s here. a few areas of clouds but then as you head on inland you will notice some lower 70s. startling out with more cloud cover but as we get toward the afternoon and the high pressure begins to build in, we will be looking at the skies beginning to clear. so starting out a little bit on the cloudy sky. remember to fall back tonight. temperatures coming up five to six degrees tomorrow for highs in the 70s and 80s. look at our 70s return to our beaches come monday and tuesday. and then we are looking at that cool down on wednesday. look at the highs coming the end of the work week, just 60s with some wet weather. and whether or not it sticks around into next weekend, that's something we are going to have to fine tune for you. overall looking, yeah, like a big warmup for us. >> what an interesting ride, way up and down quick. >> that's right. >> lisa, thanks a lot. in sports, 14th-ranked stanford plays the colorado
5:24 am
buffalos in boulder 11:00 this morning. this afternoon san jose state at idaho. last night the warriors played their home opener against the memphis grizzlies. here's the highlights with this morning's sports and larry beil. >> good morning. a potentially devastating loss for the warriors in their home opener last night. forward brandon rush with a knee injury that appears to be serious. warriors hosting memphis. warriors sparing no expense with the openings, a full orchestra and the bridge entry. bridge to san francisco maybe? grizzlies really athletic. rudy gay, throw it down! reverse dunk. scary moment late in the first quarter. here is rush going up for the dunk. hammered by zach randolph in the air and lands awkwardly on the left knee. he was in agony. he will have an mri today and he could be gone for a while. steph curry making up for his poor shooting performance on wednesday. 17 points, 3 insists in the first half. warriors down 4 at the break. memphis took over in the third
5:25 am
quarter. here's randolph. nice bounce pass. memphis by 12 after three. fourth quarter, marc gasol with two of his team-high 21. grizzlies over the warriors, 104-94. the battle of l.a., dwight howard and the lakers look for their first win of the season, taking the clippers on at staples. third quarter, deandre jordan here. the tip slam. throwing it down with authority! clippers up 69-63. fourth quarter, lamar owed determine, the ex-laker, bang. late fourth. clippers on the break. blake griffin, exwarrior jamal crawford and the clippers win. they are 0-3 and the clippers will host the warriors tonight. the cal football team played their first-ever friday night game in berkeley. the bears hosting washington. this was a sloppy turnover-filled game.
5:26 am
a gold-out at memorial stadium. the gold towels everywhere. not a golden performance by either team. combining for 8 turnovers, cal driving the first quarter. isi sofele coughs it and up the huskies would recover leading to the td run. washington up 7-0. to the second quarter and cal, this is a good call here. the reverse to freshman chris harper, who has speed on the corner and dives into the end zone. 14-yard touchdown to tie it up at 7 a piece. cal's defense, big play before the half. nick forbes deflecting the keith price pass and interception. we stayed tied at 7 at the half. third quarter, third and goal. price scrambles, lobs it up for the tight end, seferian-jenkins. there were three turnovers in three place. maynard picked by thompson, a former cal recruit, and maynard ends up hobbling off with a knee
5:27 am
injury and the bears lose 21-13. at 3-7 they are guaranteed of having a losing season. more on the cal situation, plus stanford and colorado highlights coming up on lexus after the game tonight at 8:30 here on abc7. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> coming up, not only did they move her out, they took out a mortgage on the house and wouldn't let her back in. the surprising turn. events. abc7 news reporter dan noyes uncovered in his i-team investigation. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento. most california workers know proposition 30 as governor brown's tax measure to
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mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin >> the presidential campaign is entering its final weekend and it found both candidates in the battleground state of ohio yesterday. rock star kid rock entertained the largest crowd to attend a mitt romney rally.
5:30 am
both candidates wrapped up their speeches in remarkably different styles. >> i know you have full hearts, you love this country and its future, and i know we can't lose on tuesday. we are going to win! i need your help! god bless you! >> and to make sure that no matter who you are or what you look like or where you come from, what your last name is, where you started, no matter what, you can make it in america! >> the monthly jobs report released yesterday showed an increase of 170,000 jobs in october, but the unemployment rate went up to 7 .9%. analysts say it's unlikely to affect tuesday's outcome. one of the most talked-about issues on the ballot next tuesday is proposition 30, the tax measure gov brown is pushing. supporters say it will help california schools. nannette miranda has both sides of the debate. >> save our schools! save our schools! >> all the talk about
5:31 am
proposition 30, gov brown's tax measure, centers around public school funding. but they are worried about the other part of prop 30, a constitutional amendment that guarantees state funding for realignment. the prison inmate shift where counties must now house thousands of low-level inmates who used to be to state prison. if it fails, counties are asking how will they be able to afford this expense? >> if the money goes away, it will have a dramatic impact on the way we do business. >> lawmakers have a history of taking money from one program to pay for another. constitutional protection means politicians cannot touch the money at all unless it goes back to the voters. the next two budget years already show counties will get more than $6 billion in each of those years to take on the new inmates. >> the funding streams will still continue under statute in proposition 30 is not approved. >> but it's after that that worries county officials. >> priorities may change,
5:32 am
legislators may change, governors may change and right now we are pretty much at the whim, so to speak, of the legislative process. we are going to see a major reduction in deputies, police officers on the street. which again then to would dramatically impact public safety. >> poll numbers show prop 30 remains a very tight rags n sacramento, abc7 news. stay with abc7 news for complete election results tuesday. get realtime results on abc7 the mommy the polls close. we will have live updates all night long on and through twitter at abc7 news bay area. today president obama gathers together his top aids to meet with state and local officials impacted by super storm sandy. the president toured some of the worst-hit areas of new jersey with governor chris christie earlier in the week. today he and his cabinet members
5:33 am
will hold conference calls to make sure fema and other federal agencies are doing everything possible to help with the recovery. he said he wants to avoid the problems experienced in the hurricane katrina disaster. ordered that resources be made available to states in the path of the storm as soon as they needed them. and i instructed my team not to let red tape and burr rock case get in the waive solving problems. especially when it came to making sure local utilities could restore power as quickly as possible. >> following the meeting they will fan out and visit storm-damaged areas throughout the region to see if resources are being provided. it's a simple procedure, get a reverse mortgage and have to live in the home. how come the county moved a 92-year-old woman outta years ago and took a reverse mortgage out on her home? here's the latest i-team investigation. my aunt loved that house, loved being home. it gave her memories of her
5:34 am
husband. >> monte said her aunt, 92-year-old lilly, would never want to move out of her house. lilly suffers from dementia, but she and her husband planned to live out their last days here. sam died in 1995. >> my aunt would tell me that. your uncle said if anything should happen to him, live out -- live in this house, stay in this house. >> that's a promise lilly has not been able to keep. puma said santa clara county took her aunt from her home and eventually moved her into an assisted living facility. >> it started as a family quarrel. adult protection service came in. >> some members of puma's family didn't like that she and her father were living with lilly after her husband died. the santa clara public guardian's office and probate court investigated and determined that puma and her father, the woman's brother, were taken advantage of her by living in her home lengthy free, using her money and negotiating her needs.
5:35 am
puma and her father denied the accusations but the two still got evicted from the house and she was conserved by the county. >> our aim is to protect them from any kind of financial or physical abuse they may have been experiencing. >> the director of the aging and adult services, lee, says the public guardian's office is the conserve tore for about 800 people, make financial and healthcare decisions for the conserve tees, such as lilly. >> we want to make sure they have a comfortable lifestyle to the degree they are able and that we can make the decisions for them that they aren't able to make for themselves. >> one questionable decision the public guardian's office made for lilly was taking out a reverse mortgage on her home to pay for her care. >> is it proper in your mind to take out a reverse mortgage, the county to do that, when the person is not living in the home? >> my understanding is the requirement of a reverse mortgage is that you need to live in the home. >> he is right. the u.s. department of housing and urban development says a
5:36 am
person getting a reverse mortgage must live in the home. and if the borrower is gone for more than twelve consecutive months, the lone becomes due. lilly has been out of the house for two years now. >> we wouldn't want to violate any hud or banking regulars. >> it appears the county is in violation. they got reverse mortgage in november, 2010 and moved lilly out of the house october of that year and she hasn't been home since. when we first visited the home in september, faded tags over the door jams indicates no one had been inside for a while. after hearing from the i-team, hud is reviewing the case. >> she said i wanted to go home from day one. >> jane is her court-appointed attorney. he says he objected to the reverse mortgage and doesn't believe lilly's brother took advantage ever her. even more important, a year ago a probate judge ordered talks to begin to move lilly back into her home. sullivan claimed he reached out, but the county didn't act of.
5:37 am
>> the county doesn't listen. the judge can't micromanage these people. the judge leaves it to the professionals. >> if a person or an organization chooses to ignore a court order, they could be held in contempt. >> he points out someone would have to tell the judge an order isn't being followed before the court would act. no one has told the court the lilly order has been ignored. >> i think that's fantastic. >> now, after we started asking questions, the public guardian's office has decided to move lilly back into her home. sources say she should be back by thanksgiving. puma said she's heard it before. >> i'm very skeptical. when i see it, that she's here at home, then i will believe it. >> dan says he will keep following the story and tell us if the public guardian keeps its word and, in fact, moves her back home. if hud finds a problem with the reverse mortgage the lone may
5:38 am
come due and that could lead to her being force the out of her home again through no fault of her own. the county is accused of isolating the client they are supposed to serve and tomorrow morning we will hear from a woman who said she feels like she's in prison. san francisco is breaking ground today on a new north beach library. the city librarian and others will be on hand for the 11:00 ceremony at columbus and lombard. northeast residents will celebrate the new library project with performers and other musical entertainment. construction of the new branch library in north beach is funded by a $106 million voter-approved bond measure. furniture and equipment will come from the fundraising efforts by friends of the san francisco public library. new this morning the san mateo city council will consider three option for regulating noisy leaf blowers on monday. it ranges from a complete ban on blowers to a ban on those
5:39 am
blowers who exceed only 65 decibels. right now leaf blowers or band on sundays and holidays and must be used on low speed the rest of the time. coming up, the underwhelming response to apple's eye pad mini. a popular product that may not be worth waiting in line for. fine out what happens when you drop one. right now a live look at the top of mount tam. we have a clear morning. the moon out and temperatures are going to be getting up into record territory. but then there's the other side of the coin and [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin.
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>> 5:41 on this saturday morning and we are looking at a live picture from our emeryville camera. you see the bay bridge obviously and the lights of the traffic going by. also notice the bay so calm, so still. lisa is telling me that around the bay, as we move over to our
5:42 am
rooftop camera down here, abc7 news studios, temperatures around the bay, upper 60s today. it will be a nice one. if you want 70s you can go inland and if you want 60s, stick around for a few days. they will be available before the rain starts. it's all coming up. i can't help but notice the ferry building still in beautiful san francisco giants orange. one week ago today we weren't world champions. seems like so long ago. but we are world champs. we were only halfway there a week ago. after the parade and everything, yes, it's sinking in, we are the kings. the winner in the deal between star wars creator and disney might be here. it's a $4 billion sale of lucas films. an economic analysts tells the journal the deal will most likely increase filmmaking at
5:43 am
the lose cal studios in marin and digital work. however, some people believe disney will want lucas films to move on down to burbank. hundreds of people lined up at apple stores yesterday morning to get their hands on the new ipad mini, but what happens if it slips out of their hands? abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has some insights. >> even before dawn close to 100 people waited in line at san francisco's downtown apple store for a chance to wrap their fingers around this. >> that's my new baby. >> she was here to buy a phone charger, but she accidentally fell in love. >> i love it because i've been waiting for this size for a long time. especially for women. i like to have a purse to put in, it fits perfectly. >> if you don't carry one of those bags -- >> it's a little too big. it can stay in this pocket, i would have bought it. >> but it fits great in a middle schooler's backpack. >> good for playing games and that kind of thing. >> do you think your parents will get an ipad mini?
5:44 am
>> probably not. >> i got four. i have four children. >> four ipad mini's? >> yes. >> wow! [laughter] >> everybody in line. >> with all that excitement will be shattered for the nearly ten percent of new ipad mini owners show will drop and break the tablet in the first year unless the ipad mini is tougher than its predecessors. there's one company determined to find that utility to. >> three, two, one. >> square trade, that sells extended warn ticks made this youtube video. >> looks like the ipad mini held up well. >> against the other ipads and tablets, it was the only tablet that survived being dropped on its corner. none of the tablets survived a fall face down but they said that's less important. >> you don't tend to drop something straight down. you are walking down the street and the corner usual will hits
5:45 am
the ground. >> but he said small tablets carry another risk. >> they fit quite well in the toilet. >> the ipad mini was the only tablet that kept working perfectly. ipad recommends not trying this at home. they say the ipad is safer in side that fancy purse. abc7 news. >> you have a forecast that over the course of the next five, seven days it's just all over the place. >> yeah, it is. we are talking about a little bit of warmup this weekend and then record heat headed our way for the end of the weekend. you mentioned rain. we have that too. a look outside from our sutro camera. not much in the way of fogs. we have 40s and 50s, a cool start and a warm finish. i'll let you know the warmest day of the work week and when the rain should arrive. that's all coming up. >> also ahead, flight. it's the story after pilot turned hero. does denzel washington put on a good performance? arts and intense taken meant
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
>> welcome back, everybody. looking out from mount tam. looking out at san francisco. if you are out there for a moon light drive, it's a great morning for that because you've got a moon. no point in a moon light drive without one. it's looking great out there this morning. nice and clear. beautiful weather on the way, and i mean just fantastic. not seasonal, well above. lisa argen is here now to tell us all about it >> yeah. we had a couple 70s yesterday. more 60s, though. hollister hit about 70s and today you see more 70s. you talk about the 80s come back. >> i like the 80s. >> and we get another hour of sleep tonight too. >> that's right. don't forget that. set the clocks back. >> that's right. our roof camera right now is looking at the clear conditions. a few areas of higher clouds so we will call it partly cloudy overall. 6:39 is the sunrise tomorrow.
5:49 am
today is 7:38. we will, of course, change back to standard time. we are talking about temperatures anywhere from, let's see, two to four degrees warmer today and that's taking us a little bit above average today. live doppler 7 hd. we are looking at some cloud cover, mainly just high level clouds and those will thin out throughout the afternoon. bringing us more sunshine. then high pressure builds in, bringing us a wind shift, as well. 49 santa rosa. a little cool there. good morning. also cool in the livermore valley at 47. but once again today you will be in the low 70s. so a beautiful afternoon with the warmer numbers towards the water. 55 san francisco. 46, though, cool in and around the coast at half moon bay. high clouds, a little bit in the way of patchy fog. warming trend getting underway for the weekend. and, of course, that's allowing for the warmth to stay with us a little bit tonight. so tomorrow will be the warmer day of the weekend. then record heat is likely monday. and we are going to hold on to
5:50 am
that for election day on tuesday. so a weak front is pushing through the bear bay area right now. you will notice higher clouds around. it will take through the afternoon for this to not only fall apart, but for high pressure to build in and that's going to bring sunnier conditions and that allows for the warmup today. so temperatures around the bay very comfortable over the weekend. numbers just around two to six degrees above average, but then look at this. we are talking more 80s as we head toward monday and tuesday. that translates into 70s at our beaches. so we are talking about the warmup into southern california, as well. and gusty southeast winds. a fire weather watch has been issued for sunday into monday for southern california down through san diego. 74 in sacramento today with low 70s in campbell. 73 saratoga with 72 in san jose. 60s for the coast. 65 half moon bay. some filtered sunshine early on. then mostly sunny, 68 downtown.
5:51 am
72 in petaluma with 71 in vallejo. near east bay low 70s for oakland. fremont coming in 74. and 72 walnut creek. starting out with some clouds and then 68 with sunny conditions for monterey. tomorrow, of course, we've got the raiders playing tampa bay. look at that. 73 degrees for the first weekend in november. >> perfect! >> look at those 80s. about 80 tomorrow inland and mid-80s monday and tuesday and then much cooler on wednesday. but it's 60s and some rain perhaps, not a big system coming in thursday and friday. so up and down we go and set those clocks back tonight. >> i saw the graphic there with the clock going back and back. just set it back one hour. any more than that is overkill. but if you have the abc7 news alarm clock app on your i-phone, don't have to worry about the time change tomorrow morning. it will update automatically.
5:52 am
download it from the app store by searching abc7 news. in theaters this weekend. denzel washington stars in "flight." a pilot who becomes a hero after crashing a man, but he's a flawed man. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez tells us there are tension-filled moments. here he is. >> if you have anxiety about flying, it will leave you with sweaty palms. in trouble, he flies upside down. i asked the director, who brought us forest gump and back to the future about that sequence. >> it was very time consuming and it was very intense. we built a set that we could turn people completely upside down in. >> washington lands the plane with few lost lives. he becomes a hero, but we know better. when he was flying he was as high as a, well, airplane, fueled by alcohol and cocaine. >> don't remember having your blood drown on the night of the
5:53 am
crash? >> you had alcohol in your system. that could be life in prison >> the story takes a different direction. denzel facing demons, rage, trying to change his life. but then giving in to temptation. this is like a war film with liquor bottles, the enemy. i asked if he heard from pilots. >> are they concerned about the perception of pilots and safety? >> this isn't all pilots, this is just one pilot. it's a fictional story. he could have been anything. >> it is a film that leaves you thinking and drained. >> no one could have landed that plane like i did. >> if you have a fear of flying, that opening sequence may make you want to dump your frequent flyer miles but it's about another tragedy, the disastrous life of one man and his attempt to gain redemption. there are a few flaws in this two stories in one, but i will have to give flight almost a full bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news, and we will see you on the isle. >> coming up next, a man who is
5:54 am
refuse to go let his disability get in the way. his goal to make medical hi alright let's break it down.
5:55 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $32 million mega-millions drawing. they are 4, 18, 22, 38, 44 and the meganumber 24. two of those numbers were in last week's drawing, right? 24 and 44. we were talking about that. and a ticket purchased in new york had them all. so there goes the $32 million but tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $12 million. speaking of the lottery, california's newest multi-millionaire almost lost her chance to win the lottery jackpot, but found her ticket at the last moment in her car's glove compartment. a amazing what you can fine there. the southern california woman has finally come forward to claim a $23 million super lotto plus jackpot and that happened
5:57 am
just weeks before it was set to expire. this video is not the actual winner. her daughter recognized herself in surveillance photos after a blitz of publicity to track down the winner with $23 million on the line. she purchased the single ticket for her mother, julie, and she admits that that her mom gets the money. that's honest. the 69-year-old victorville woman only had until november 25th to come forward. she barely made it. you hear the stories about the lottery, someone who could really use the money wins, this is one of those. and good morning america will have more on that coming up at 7:00 this morning. a chicago man is about to push himself to heights only 70s tv hero steve austin could aspire to. remember the bionic man? now here's the real bionic man. he lost his leg in a auto accident and now he has a prosthetic that he controls with his thoughts. he's determined to climb the stairs of the 103 story will
5:58 am
being's hour in chicago tomorrow. >> next, new york city mayor change his mind about holding the mare ton tomorrow. and menlo park investigate a drive-by shooting that left four people in the hospital. i have a live report on that. and danger on campus. the wa ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner.
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